Digital tools for learning

With all the talk about the role of technology in teaching and learning, you find lots  of blog posts about:

  • e-books and guides,
  • using technology for assessment, or
  • how to integrate social media into the learning experience.

But there are other digital tools out there. I came across the article: 24 digital tools that represent new ways to study, in the e-learning section of the TeachTought blog. It gives a brief description of the different online tools like Course Hero, Study Stack, FunnelBrain and Edvento. Some of it is aimed at preparing for standardized tests like SAT or GRE. Some present course notes, video tutorials or quizzes. Others offer flashcards, or let the learners make their own. And then there are full scale games aimed at learning.

It does not seem like a lot of these tools are used much in higher education, but they do present some interesting ideas. Maybe a first-year course can benefit from students making and sharing flashcards of all the new concepts that they are learning? Or quiz results can be linked to digital badges that students can share through social media?


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