Oor dosent-evaluering

So tussen verlede week se stadige spoed van die internet en ‘n vol program word die blog bietjie afgeskeep. Maar ek het gister ‘n lekker artikel raakgeloop oor dosent-evaluering in die Chronicle. Lees gerus hier oor die Unnecessary agony of student evaluations.

Daar is paar interessante idees oor studente as verbruikers / kliënte en wat dit beteken vir die evaluering van die dosent. Ek hou veral van die deel:

But university students aren’t strictly consumers purchasing a product. To understand why not, try this thought experiment. If the Apple Store made us apply to buy a new iPhone, and accepted only, say, 30 percent of us who wanted to buy one, and then told us we had to study and master the phone’s operation manual for several years before we could actually hold it in our hands—and even then only three-quarters of us would actually get a phone—would we still regard ourselves as customers after all those years? We would be something else. We would resemble more those “pre-employees” we hear about who have to pay for their own training than we would customers just buying things.

But there are several more basic reasons why students are not customers…

Lees gerus die hele ding.


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